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List of Adventist Universities in the continent of Africa.
As of January 2017 there are sixteen (16) Adventist universities in Africa. The African continent is home to 54 countries with a population of 1.216 billion people.The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates the second larges private network of universities in Africa.

Among the list of best recognized Adventist universities in Africa one may find the following: Babcock University in Nigeria, Adventist University of Africa in Kenya, Adventist University of Central Africa in Rwanda, University of Eastern Africa-Baraton in Kenya, among others.

We invite you to explore our list of Adventist universities in Africa and discover its unique opportunities.


Adventist University of Africa

Adventist University of Central Africa


Adventist University Zurcher

Babcock University

Bugema University

Ethiopian Adventist College


Helderberg College

Malawi Adventist University

Middle East University

Rusangu University

Seminario Adventista do Bongo

Solusi University

The University of Arusha

Universite Adventiste Cosendai

Universite Adventiste de Lukanga

University of Eastern Africa-Baraton

Valley View University