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The Seventh-day Adventist church manages the second-largest Christian school system in the world. The Seventh-day Adventist educational system includes over 7,800 schools, colleges, and universities, with over 87,000 teachers and 1,680,000 students.

With a long history of academic achievements from the early 1870s, their educational achievements are based on its philosophy of restoring God’s image their students.

What is the Adventist Higher Education Network?

In the vision of Adventist pioneers in higher education, Frederick Griggs and Warren E. Howell, it is a network of Adventist Colleges and Universities that function, plan, work together, and support one another as cohesive units for the good of the church and society.

The Seventh-day Adventist church operates one of the largest educational networks in the world, over 116 Adventist universities and colleges with over 128 campuses in 43 different countries.

We encourage you to explore, search and discover Adventist Universities and Colleges around the world. See the list of Adventist Universities and the opportunities Adventist higher education provides. 

“True education means more than the perusal of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”

EGW, Education, pp13

Some Featured Institutions

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